Our gear


Though we do what you need to be successful, whether it is training, coaching, designing or creating, does our work usually fall into one or more of the following categories:


Creativity is hard to stimulate once you have looked at a problem for a long time. Sometimes the only way to break the circle is to have a guide which allows you to go off the beaten track, finding new possibilities that you had never imagined before. We can help with brainstorm, idea generation sessions, but also with Customer Journey or Job to be Done techniques.

It’s not all fluffy brain breezes, clear analysis and sound business cases are typical outcomes, as are presentations to get VC or board level support. Prototypes and process designs that not only allow you to define the product, but also how to get it out there.


From idea to product to cash is a complex and perilous journey. Techniques like Lean, Agile road mapping, Portfolio Management, SCRUM, KANBAN, SaFE and even more traditional techniques like Prince2 have their place depending on the type of product you are building.

Most companies get stuck on the Minimal Viable Product. Time to market is crucial, but all stakeholders have their wish lists, and then there is the brand to be considered. Using a variety of lean startup techniques, business model generation, service design, user experience design, lean technology and of course creativity, we accelerate this stage so you know what you must develop.

We can also help you take control of the Product Development process, making sure that you get the best possible outcome. Or as Jeff Sutherland puts it: “Doing twice as much, in half the time”.


A product or an idea is useless in the mind of its creator. We must venture out in the world and discover its true potential and value. Assessing customer value, observation techniques, sample groups, user experience scans and improvement observations can help you to create an even better product than you thought of.


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